Simple steps to help yourself, the climate, and our community

Climate change is already affecting many parts of our lives. It may seem bewildering, but there are plenty of simple, practical steps you can take. It also needs action from governments, but if we all do our bit, it helps to pressure the policymakers to play their part.

This website aims to provide a one-stop resource for information on many aspects of climate response. Just click on the list of topics above. To receive our monthly Bulletin by email, just click here. And if your main interest is related to food supply, affordability, etc., see our companion website, Bridport Food Matters.

A message from Bridport’s Mayor, Ian Bark:

Bridport is a very special place with a strong sense of community that has seen us through the pandemic, with the support of public service and volunteers. Now we have another emergency that we need to prepare for.

Here’s the gist: six steps you can take

If you just want a simple suggestion on six actions that would help you save money, and reduce your climate impact, here it is:

FOOD (Creates 25% of household carbon emissions)
  • Cut your consumption of non-local red meat and dairy products.
  • Cut down on food waste (one-third of all food is wasted).
HOME ENERGY (Creates 25% of household carbon emissions)
TRAVEL (Creates 27% of household carbon emissions)
  • Cut right down on air travel and cruises.
  • Use foot, bike or bus for local journeys.

Want some more info?

Our 4-page leafletgives you a readable summary of what you can do to cut your emissions and waste, and be more prepared for emergency events like storms, floods and power cuts. Plus a short list of relevant organisations.

If you’d like a longer but readable overview of climate change causes, impacts, and potential responses at household and community level, see our A Bridport guide to climate response.