Travel is around 27% of the average UK household’s carbon emissions. Car travel is the biggest part of this, but air travel and cruises are also significant.

A lot of our travel arises from convenience or from leisure activities, so you might consider different choices which would save you money, and cut your emissions.

  • Leave your car at home for short trips: 30% of car journeys are less than 1 mile.
  • Use bike, foot, bus or train if possible. Tell Dorset Council if you’d like improvements for non-car travellers, e.g. more frequent buses.
  • Join the trend and get an electric car, or a plug-in hybrid which is electric for local trips: these are expensive, and more Government support is needed.
  • Avoid air travel and cruises if possible. See for great train routes.
  • Help start a car sharing club for Bridport: this is being investigated by CoCars, see more